easy handmade gift: diy cross stitch phone case

case text mask

I so enjoy making hand-made gifts for friends, but I always feel a bit awkward giving them away because hand-made things are never perfect. However, I suppose that’s [mostly] shyness on my part, as I always love a hand-made gift, imperfections and all. Receiving (and giving) something that a friend or relative has put time and effort into, rather than getting something that’s clearly a hurried purchase from a shop, is always nice.

A few months ago, I completed my first cross stitch where I’d designed the pattern myself: a chevron cover for my iPhone. I thought it turned out well but I was still surprised to get a lot of compliments on it.

One of my friends in particular seemed very impressed by it, and, as her birthday was coming up soon, I made another for her. I kept the same chevron pattern I’d used for my own case but changed out the colours into shades I knew she liked. A quick trip downtown to the craft shop, three skeins of DMC threads, and a cross stitch phone case later, I was on my way to making my friend her very own cross stitched phone case.


How do you like it? I’m very pleased with it and love the combination of coral, a fair turquoise, and charcoal grey.

This is a great project to use leftover embroidery yarn for, and if you don’t have that, then the case itself and the threads should only set you back around £10, at most.

The case itself is 10-count plastic aida, so it’s great for beginners and a fairly quick stitch. I think [if you set your mind to it] you could finish it in a day.

I’m happy to say my friend loved her gift and I’m hoping I’ll receive more compliments on my phone case so I can start making more of them for friends 🙂

I’ll share photos of my phone case as soon as I can manage to give mine a bit of a clean – it’s looking a little dirty I’m afraid!

case collage


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